Scary Teacher 3D

Vendor Z & K Games
Category Games
Updated 10-08-2020
Version 5.5.1
Size 40M
Views 18
Downloads 13


Scary Teacher 3D is a scary is an interesting simulation game that was published by Z & K Games. The game was then released for iOS and Android devices in 2019, and it has seen updates since then. It is important to note that this is a unique game, even though it’s similar to the Hello Neighbor game.

The game features to main characters, the scary teacher, and her nemesis, a genius kid. This teacher is popularly known for her cruelty, and also for being mean and wicked to her students. She is always seen giving these kids inhumane punishments.

Scary Teacher 3D has exciting gameplay with simple controls that is easy to learn. This makes it an ideal game for kids of any age range. During the gameplay, you’ll complete different tasks, during which you will prank the teacher.

Another thing to note is that your objective is to complete missions without being caught. You are also required to make life unbearable for this teacher. Missions in the game are to be completed within the allocated time.